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Medialand is a media-planning software product for print and internet, and a cross-tabulation and data analysis tool for media or usage-and-attitude surveys. For media-planning, it uses data from audience research and ratecard information for print. Any survey with respondent level data can be loaded into its crosstab module.

As a media-planning tool, Medialand allows the user to create and save target groups, compare audience from different media, create, save, evaluate and export media plans, and connect to media buying tools. Detailed information on a specific title or site can be produced and exported.

Depending on the audience surveys available, Medialand can be used as a print tool, an internet tool, or a cross-media tool.

As a crosstab software product, Medialand allows you to cross survey variables, build specific respondent level groups, and perform various statistical analyses: factor analysis, typology, segmentation. All analyses can be saved, and the results exported to Excel or Powerpoint.

Major media-planning features

  • Define and save respondent level target groups, combining survey variables
  • Rankings: compare titles or sites surveyed on different target groups, in terms of audience, affinity, costs, reach accumulation over a number of issues, circulation
  • Mapping: map target audience against cost or affinity and see how internet reach accumulates over time, or as share of voice increases
  • Duplication : see which titles share audience with an yours, over which target group
  • Media Plan Evaluation : build different plans and evaluate them on various targets
  • Media Plan Assessment : find the targets most in affinity with a plan, see which target segments are best reached by a plan, and which are less covered
  • For Internet Plans: buy sites as share of voice or number of pages, with or without capping, and/or targeted impressions
  • Evaluate cross-media plans (print+internet)
  • Export media plans to major media buying software
  • Export title/site information, including audience, rates, circulations

Medialand Print Planning

Compare performance of all titles and user segments easily

Point and click to see past and current performance

Balance reach, duplication and efficiency

Optimize channels performing well or poorly

Data loading and technical aspects

Medialand can be installed on any computer running Windows, and can run on Apple systems with an emulator.

Surveys are loaded by Carthage. We can calculate probabilities (for media-planning), and data fusions (for cross media).