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Medialand Pige

Medialand Pige

Medialand Pige is a tool for analyzing Ad Monitoring data. It uses external Ad Monitoring data (which users must subscribe to), and can incorporate available external data, such as audience, media-planning probability files, client defined classifications of media and products, and sales figures.

Approximately ten years of data are available in the software, which can be filtered according to time, media, categories, or brands, and specific criteria such as brands having used (or not used) specific TV channels over a period of time, brands in the same commercial breaks as some specific advertiser, advertising in specific breaks (depending on time frames, or programs), down to one or several bursts of advertising.

Data can be organized in cross-tables through a hierarchy of criteria (up to four lines and unlimited columns) displaying, for instance, investment by category, media, and month. Indicators include budgets, number of insertions, durations or number of pages, audiences on about 100 targets, and all combinations.

Several tables can be opened and saved as a report, which can easily be updated and exported into Excel. This makes year to date reporting on a market, media, or category effortless.

Apart from the categories and criteria provided in the ad monitoring data, users can create, maintain and share their own.

This includes:

  • Defining new product categories, groups of advertisers, or complete nomenclatures
  • Defining new media nomenclatures
  • Renaming any item (targets, indicators, products, media) for a specific client
  • Defining specific periods (special week days, fiscal years)
  • Defining net costs, by incorporating rebates by client/media/product/period

Together with cross-tabs, calendars can be created, which display advertising bursts, split by product categories, and with the same indicators as the cross-tab.

Finally, two modules allow for specific analyses. Campaign reports let you assess the campaigns of one specific advertiser: cost per GRP per day and time frames, reach and frequency on various target groups, affinities on all target groups, calendars down to the insertion level lists and summaries.

For audiovisual media, broadcast events allow you to see all the advertising for a specific day, on one channel, commercial breaks, programs, and specific spots, together with their budgets, durations, and audiences.

All the data is loaded by Carthage, on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the ad monitoring subscription. Aggregated data (as in investment per product, per media and per month) can also be used by Medialand Pige.

Medialand “Pige” Post-Buy Analytics

Delivery across TV, radio, print, digital, OOH++

Review standard variables (time and channel) and create new ones

Split results by brand, by channel, by personnal variables or zoom in on a specific group (brand or channel)

See calendars, relevant variables first, then drill into actual insertions

Data loading and technical aspects

Medialand can be installed on any computer running Windows, and can run on Apple systems with an emulator.

Surveys are loaded by Carthage. We can calculate probabilities (for media-planning), and data fusions (for cross media).