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About Carthage


Created in 2003, Carthage offers ad monitoring, media planning and media buying softwares. By integrating marketing data (from Currency Audience Data with IAM (NetRatings) and NRS (ONE, ONE Global,…), Media Market surveys (TGI), and Ad Hoc surveys and panels) as well as media kits, Carthage grants an operational data use thanks to its media planning, media buying and optimization tools. Our market-leading solutions are available for Media Agencies as well as Publishers which can take efficient decisions in terms of media buying and media selling.

Founded in 2012, Adwanted Group is a global company which offers softwares dedicated to the advertising market. Through its subsidiaries Adwanted(France, USA et Iberica), Affinity Media, Audience Media, Carthage and CSE, Adwanted Group is located in Europe and North America.