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Better Media Planning and Post-Buy Analytics

Created in 2003, Carthage offers Business Intelligence, Decision Making Software Solutions and Data Analytics. Our market-leading solutions are available for Media Agencies, Audit & Consulting Groups, International & National Media Brands. Our products, Medialand Crosstabs Psychographics and Medialand Pige provide qualitative data analysis and Medialand Pige, combine all the functionalities of freelance analysis software (advertising monitoring) available on the market.


Medialand is a media-planning software product for print and digital advertising, and a cross-tabulation and data analysis tool for media or usage-and-attitude surveys. We use data from audience research and rate card information. Any survey with respondent level data can be loaded into its crosstab module.

Medialand allows the user to create and save target groups, compare audience from different media, create, save, evaluate, export media plans, and connect to media buying tools. Detailed information on a specific title or site can be produced and exported.

Medialand Pige is a tool for analyzing Ad Monitoring data (which users must subscribe to), and can incorporate available external data, such as audience, media-planning probability files, client defined classifications of media and products, and sales figures.

Approximately ten years of data are available in the software, which can be filtered according to time, media, categories, or brands, and specific criteria such as brands having used (or not used) specific TV channels over a period of time, brands in the same commercial breaks as some specific advertiser, advertising in specific breaks (depending on time frames, or programs), down to one or several bursts of advertising.

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The premiere planning tool in France

The premiere planning tool in France

Medialand print planning is the premiere planning tool in France with 70% market share

Post-buy analytics

Post-buy analytics

Medialand Pige offers post-buy analytics (all channels)

Available for international market

Available for international market

Our market-leading solutions are available for Media Agencies, Audit & Consulting groups, international & national Media brands

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Compare performance

Compare performance of all titles and user segments easily.


All the channels

Delivery across TV, radio, print, digital, OOH ++

Past & Present

Point and click to see past and current performance


Personalize your results

Split results by brand, by channel, by personnal variables…


Optimize all the channels performing well or poorly



See calendars, relevant variables first, then drill into actual insertions

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